Friday, January 13

A Positively ,Bright , Cheerful Snowy Day

And here is Winter ! Obviously it is not to cold for Hamzah to enjoy that Nutella and Banana Sandwich. I had a dream that I had a $2 off coupon for Nutella , just a dream but a sweet one ! What do you guys like to eat one the run ? 

Thursday, January 12

Late Mornings

Norah sips milk and tries to wake up ! We were running late this morning , a dark cloud humdrum day . Norah 's sleepy sipping expresses today the best.  xoxoxoxoxo , Love Jen 

Monday, January 9

May the Force Be With You !

We had the best time watching Star Wars on the Big Screen Yesterday ! It was amazing and I love sharing it with the children. 

Tuesday, January 3

A Sushi Date with my little lady !

Norah and I are super busy making everything nice for the homecoming of the twins tomorrow ! We stopped for a Sushi date ! We got some take out sushi from Trader Joe's yummmmmmmmmm !