Saturday, September 10

Renegade Bliss !

I am so exhausted ! We took the train in so we left at 9 a.m I took Mohammed and Norah and the tech geek Hamzah stayed home and played video games. Norah wore her adorable Brownie uniforms vintage from the 70s and Mohammed was a cute little hipster with my vintage Hard Rock London pin. There were surprises everywhere. We got to say hi to Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and Rachel from Smile and Wave. They are just as lovely and beautiful in person , I had no idea who they were until I was eating in the park with the kiddos, then it hit me. I ran into them at a vintage dress sidewalk sale and confirmed that it was in fact them. Can you say wooooooooooow ! We made buttons , took photos and were amazed at every turn . I have read reviews of people complaining about how expensive things are and I was kinda mad at my son for speaking his mind about a price many times , but people's time is priceless. These people spend hours on their crafts so who are we to say how much it is worth to them ? Really are you kidding me my time is the most important thing in my life and when I write something for some one I certainly charge for it ! Over all the I loved the fair , it was pretty amazing to take my two children to a place where we could all share our love for art !

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