Tuesday, September 6

Second Grade Rocks !

Mohammed and Hamzah are back to school because they are so cool. I have second graders and they are in the same class because their school is so small so we will see how that pans out for us and the teacher. I love their school it has a great feel to it and the hard wood floors give it that finishing touch. The creative juices seemed to pour from their classroom I loved the less is more look of it right away. The kids did up the sidewalks to welcome back the younger grades I really thought that was neato ! I really think that I made the right choice to send them to this school despite the fact that it is 25 minutes from home and Norah is in another school :) I would like to also say that second grade was one of my most trying years I was going through so much in my little life and while my own second grade teacher was firm she was also the one I remember the most. She is on my facebook today and it puts a smile on my face to connect with her often as she is one of the few people left that had a huge impact on my life. SHe taught us all the boring subjects , read us books after lunch and taught us some basis art history which gave me a life long passion. My hope is that my children are lucky enough to have that special teacher that they can be in touch with 30 years later what bliss that would be !

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