Monday, September 26

Just a Few Things !

It is raining cats and dogs today and my little girl loves a darn good splash! We know to enjoy these mild days because old man Winter is upon us soon ! That sweatshirt is won proudly by all my kids in honor of my dear friend Osh , art teacher turned Harvard grad school student ! 

My weekend was wonderful! I got to spend time with the kiddos, the mister, and had some time to myself. I bought Norah a great 1950s Litho Marx Dollhouse for twenty bucks at a garage sell.  I am beyond thrilled that it has all the awnings and is perfect for the three Blythe dolls that arrived for Norah’s holiday presents. The doll house is worth over $200 us dollars and seems to be a hot item one bay so I am thrilled with my amazing find. It is so cute the kind of house my mama would play with when she was a little girl. Mohammed was with me so I went ahead and gave her the doll house. Mohammed and Hamzah if you are reading this and you tell your sister you will get no holidays presents friends!  


  1. ohmygoodness!!! i LOVE that dollhouse! i was just surfing online last night for christmas presents for the girls and i am stumped! stumped i tell you! i love norah's hunters :) my girls don't know about blythe dolls yet... shall i get them one?

  2. Thank you :) The boots were a gift from my sister who lives with us and is very involved just not in this blog :) She did not want me to buy the silver hunters so she shocked me with these red babies. Norah has wrote on them and placed harajuku stickers all over them and yes I was mad :( . Yes research the Blythe look at the adorable blogs and get one. The Blythe doll go up up in value and they are strangely cute. They have the collectors which I would advise ebay US seller and littlest pet shop. I got Norah three petites and two minis. I will get Mohammed art supplies including some how to draw books and Hamz wants a guitar. Norah wants a mini piano ! My sister just did Halloween they are going as the Wizard of Oz. I am planing to thrift stockings and decorations and have them make homemade cards . I love most aspects of X-mas except for the over marketing.