Friday, September 2

Doctor Who !

We have an awesome doctor who rarely sees my children except for back to school visits which are required by the school. We love him and he really gets me , when I tell him I read about some homeopathic remedy or solution he listens and gives his opinion gently. He always deals with our kinda crazy like walking in and finding the eight year old playing with toddler blocks , the other eight year on the exam table ,the five year old peacefully looking at a book and mama snapping photos of his vintage glass supply holders ! The office is a Vintage dream all green , yellow , orange and 1970 LOOKING yes we love our doctor. Oh yea did I mention he has long black hair and rides a Harley truly something for everyone in those visits. Ok so Moms with more than one kid How do you Blog ? I mean really I am blogging now as I get in the shower to take the kids to see the Goonies How does it take place really truly ?

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