Sunday, September 18

This is Sunday Morning Stroll

This is Sunday Morning Stroll ........ which was spent at the Vintage Bazaar and Flea Market at the Congress in our artsy district. I took along Norah who hoped to see a real life Blythe doll and Mohammed who just wanted to say "Look a Kenner Blythe ", every five seconds.I took a photo of a sweet picture which was the closet thing that I found to a Blythe doll . It was a picture of one big brown eyed girl which was no sweeter than our own French pixie prints. There were granny square galore but I get those for $5 a thrift so they were over priced. I was impressed with the scenery which was perfect absolutely perfect for the event. I also enjoyed the donation booth for animals and we met a pretty cool doggy and his hipster owner with her coolio Hunters. The kids did not love the place at all and I was frankly worried by their boredom because a bunch of old pyrex grossly overpriced and two bored kids do not jive at all. Alas Norah and I found a few treasures 1920 print books which we love to collect ! So we were happy in the end , as for all my Sunday strolls we walked to the bus stop and took the bus since the stroll has to be done on foot. So the flea market not so impressive but ok fun I give it a five out of ten and did I mention that it was raining another bummer. For the most part anytime spent with my children who will remember being shuffled around these events and sit around and laugh after I am dead and gone is priceless right ?

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