Saturday, September 3

Let's All Go to The Movies

I am definitely feeling sad that Summer is over and stressing over a kindergartener and two second graders to prepare for school on Tuesday. Last night we went to the Portage Theater to see the Goonies. There is nothing like seeing a favorite from your own childhood on the big screen again and sharing it with your children. The let's all go get popcorn played and it was an all around great time. The Portage has a few free or low cost movies, silent films, Rocky Horror and many more fun features for the neighborhood. The cool thing about my neighborhood is that many people my age also grew up around here so they hung out at the Portage when they were teens. I love the feel of the place it was constructed in the 1920s so it looks almost like a fancy Opera house. The kids really enjoyed the show and it was a blast for our back to school outing since the show did not even start until their bedtime.

the Portage

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