Sunday, October 30

This is Sunday Morning Stroll We Heart The Windy City !

Halloween Weekend in the Windy City !

A few photos from the lovely people in Chicago on this Halloween Weekend :)

Saturday, October 29

Just a Few Things !

1.) A very blissful coffee house in Chicago !
2.) Fall in the Mid West Norah is Wearing a Zara Sweater and Little Boat ( Petite Bateau) Skrit
3.) Mohammed walking across the street alone :) Mohammed is wearing gap jeans , gap blazer , tony hawk sneakers and back pack ll bean
4.)Poshy Hamzah wearing Gap Blazer , Abercrombie Kids Shirt and Toms Vegan Classics
5.) Movie night at school 
6.) Moroccan grocery store everything is organic Mehdi is wearing Carters 
7 and 8. ) My posh little orphan wearing Gap kids dress, 77 kids leggings , Thrifted head scarf , Mommy's Tiffany pearls, and Louis Epi Bag 
9.) Hello Kitty Vintage Jumper 

Friday, October 28

Bliss My Son In Morocco

I cannot describe how I feel today; my son’s new step mother has arrived from Morocco and has shared some pretty amazing photos and videos of my son. If you read my blog then you know that his biological father took him to Morocco and has detained him there for four years against my wishes. So I feel grief stricken by the fact that I am not raising my own child, I cannot hold him close, coddle him when he is sad, help him with his homework or do things that a normal mommy gets to do with her six year old. I am also happy that he apparently treated as a small king and seems to be thriving; he looks happy, healthy and extremely clever. I am told he reads Arabic well above his level and does well in religion class. I saw a beautiful boy, dashing striking with the same beautiful eyes and wide grin that he left with. I get the impression from staring at him that life has been very kind to him. If I saw him on a blog I would think what a wonderful child, imaginative, creative and splendid. I would enjoy looking at him as much as I do all of your children. The catch is he is mine! This wonderful child belongs to me! How amazing it is to be able to look at your own child and be that proud with no guilt that you are conceited or biased. It is amazing to look at your child and not be able to think of one single thing that you would do different and think wow what an amazing family. I was so resentful that my son’s step mother was going to see my son and now I am so grateful for the amazing story that she has produced.  
I sent him this small dragon, a simple toy I found at garage sale. I wonder if the previous owners know how happy that simple dragon that came with a whole castle set has made my son in Morocco. The toy now has its own story, it has its own travels and is now one of the most special and unique dragons that Fisher Price has ever made. I was amazed at how creative he seemed when I saw the little green dragon resting on his shoulder in so many poses and that was when I thought to myself Oh yes indeed he is one of mine. I was amazed with the photos and relived that he is so very well. I could see his artistic nature oozing from the screen, especially when he was the star of a video with a great song written by him. I am smitten with his talents and I get the pleasure of having a unique person in our family, a small Arab boy, who is our son, wow amazing huh! He belongs to us and one day we will all meet again and be able to teach each other so much. My hope is no longer getting him out of Morocco, but learning to deal with and mend my broken heart.  I must work harder to get my son in touch with his stateside siblings and let him know that we love and care for him and that most of all we are proud of who he is!
I cannot grieve or be sad when I see such an amazing child, after all, is that what every mother wants? My anger for my ex will likely not subside nor be subdued, but I can celebrate that he not won I am no longer in such pain because our son shall be love and he shall be well.

Thursday, October 27

Posh or la mode chronomètre deux

My boys thought they were pretty bad ass this morning ! After flipping through MILK mag they decided to be Posh and wear these jackets we bought at the Thrift store ! Hamz and his sport coat with the Toms just kills me ! What kid's fashion museings do you all have ?

Friday, October 21

Introducing Kindergarten Designers Norah and Itzel

I am pretty smitten this morrow ! My daughter and her good friend Itzel have started designing dresses and I am pretty darn proud. I looking for a way to at least make an iron on for a tee shirt any ideas blog land ?  I am in love with these designs I can see the stripes in a sweater maxi and I see the lovely purple and teal in a boxy sheath with black thread trim . I need help to make this happen at least make them exist for their little designers so any ideas ? 

Both girls have cool names that I could see on a label !

Wednesday, October 19

Up Up and Away

I am coming back I have just been real busy as of late with my children and writing a novel ! Stay tuned 

It is a real Satire ! 

The fire escape in our building on the North West side of Chicago is an unusual place. It is far from its intended fire escape it is the place for people’s discarded art work, air conditioners, odd items and my brother’s own art work. The basement is his art room and it leaks horribly in the winter and it would be cold but the boiler room is adjacent to the basement. My mother bought the building in 2007 and most of the people have moved out of the building since her arrival, so it is just my family, a Polish family, and an old lady with far too many cats. My mother is always worried that we will find Mrs. Joski dead and the cats eating her so she makes my brother and I take baked goods up to her and check on her. 

Monday, October 10

Instant Fun

I took my monkeys to the zoo

Sunday, October 9

In a Crazy Negative World I love Dollies Sunday Morning with the dollies !

This Sunday morning stroll was all about deciding where to put dolls in my tiny apartment ! The Blythe dolls are coming soon so we have to make room. I did sneak a picture of a big eyed beauty from over at