Wednesday, October 19

Up Up and Away

I am coming back I have just been real busy as of late with my children and writing a novel ! Stay tuned 

It is a real Satire ! 

The fire escape in our building on the North West side of Chicago is an unusual place. It is far from its intended fire escape it is the place for people’s discarded art work, air conditioners, odd items and my brother’s own art work. The basement is his art room and it leaks horribly in the winter and it would be cold but the boiler room is adjacent to the basement. My mother bought the building in 2007 and most of the people have moved out of the building since her arrival, so it is just my family, a Polish family, and an old lady with far too many cats. My mother is always worried that we will find Mrs. Joski dead and the cats eating her so she makes my brother and I take baked goods up to her and check on her. 

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