Sunday, October 2

Sunday Morning Stroll and Tom's Winner

Tom's Winner :) RainyDaySunshine :) Email me your info and a pair of Tom's for your niece is on the way ! I am giving something else away next month so stay posted by reading it here ! 

This Sunday morning stroll was quite an adventure, the stroll started at the coolest farmer’s market in the city where we passed a vintage garage sell in a small field. It was vintage everywhere with the most adorable little sales lady named Carly who was selling his wares so that she can travel north for the winter to Michigan. See ya next Summer Carly! In fact Carly made a sign that was to adorable to even bargaining hard with her because it obviously took so much love and care.  There was a lovely Maio in the tree at the lovely lady’s lot. Next we got a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee joint where I briefly lost my Channel sunglasses, but the lovely bistro had them in lost and found. Thank you to whoever found my glasses I will return the karma.
Norah and I stepped out in some pretty cool vintage duds; remember that lovely poncho from all in a Day’s thrift a couple of weeks ago? Well here it is! 

We will finish the day off with granny blanket galore , Howl's moving castle , popcorn , smores and a huge thermos of hot apple cider !  I love fall chill and granny blanket galore I have just about found a granny blanket for each member of the family .How do you guys enjoy fall days ? 

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  1. congrats to the TOMS winner! and i love your new blog layout :)