Friday, October 21

Introducing Kindergarten Designers Norah and Itzel

I am pretty smitten this morrow ! My daughter and her good friend Itzel have started designing dresses and I am pretty darn proud. I looking for a way to at least make an iron on for a tee shirt any ideas blog land ?  I am in love with these designs I can see the stripes in a sweater maxi and I see the lovely purple and teal in a boxy sheath with black thread trim . I need help to make this happen at least make them exist for their little designers so any ideas ? 

Both girls have cool names that I could see on a label !


  1. I love this idea! Maybe you can scan the photo and print them out on iron on transfers. You can easily purchase them at any craft store. I've used iron-on transfers before and they super simple to use. Let us all know how they turn out!

  2. I have thought of the iron ons but what I really am looking for is someone to knit and make this a maxi and she also made a sketch with a hat with crocheted feathers ! I am getting her a sewing machine like I said smitten

  3. Oh yea Small Burst your comment made me smile and say hooray thank u :) comments make my day