Saturday, December 31

Bliss New Year

Everything Shall be Amazing ! 

A year over and a New One Just Begun!
I would like to start this post by thanking all of my lovely readers when I see that there are people from all over the globe interested in my family I get goose bumps. The New Year’s brings about resolutions of all kinds from people all over the world who celebrate the Georgian calendar. I would like to share my top five resolutions with all of you lovely humans of this cosmopolitan world.
1.)    I would like to become more spiritual and this is a journey that I am definitely going to be talking about on this blog. I am Muslim and I like most of us in the West have become secular. I would like to embark a journey to faith and I will be of course sharing this journey with all of you. I would love to break down stereotypes of show people of all faiths what we have in common as human beings. I am proud  that my small son in Morocco has such a large amount of faith.
2.)    I would like to spend more time with family especially my dear mother and children. I would like to share what knowledge though it is little of the world around me with my dear children. I will reach out to my son in Morocco and dedicate more time to Skype and making him feel he is a part of us.
3.)    Take in more free days at the local museums i.e. The Art Institute of Chicago, The Lincoln Park Zoo and The Filed Museum.
4.)    Exercise at least one hour a day in the form of cardio either belly dancing or other forms of cardio. Good Health allows us to prosper.
5.)    Make one really good friend and spend more time sharing my passions on this blog.

Top Fashion Trends for Mom and Kids in 2012

So I have clothes that I really truly dream of wearing and then there are the clothes that are out of reach. The clothes that I just cannot afford but I can look at any time on my favorite fashion blogs or Google. So for 2012 I want to showcase my top three favorite designers, top three affordable designers, top three dream perfumes, top three affordable perfumes and dime store couture make up ideas. I will also be featuring more Muslim friendly clothing as I have recently noticed I have a few readers from the Middle East. Dubai is definitely one of the premier shopping capitals of the world and it is time that this fashionable city gets the credit due to it, so I will feature great places to shop around the world and include Dubai, USA, London, and even Saudi Arabia. I will also review coffee houses that are kids friendly, publish reviews on kid’s clothing and have a weekly fashion post dedicated to kid’s affordable fashion.  This blog started off as my struggle a way for me to find some peace of mind escape from my trouble. It has evolved into a very creative form of self-expression and with so many page views per day I would really love to pump up the volume.

Blisses, Kisses and Hugs

I wish you all of very happy and healthy New Year and May your dreams come true in 2012. 

Friday, December 30

All in a day's thrift !

The Lincoln Park Zoo is free and real thrifty ! Enjoy the lovely photos I love the bats and the Koi Fish !
The vintage spider girl is a photo

Friday, December 23

Just Five Things

1.) Norah's gingerbread art house of couture.
2.)  Norah is the snow last week she was saving it for X-Mas and to throw at her brothers.
3.) This day 4 year ago ! The date was messed up on my old cam !
4.) My desk all festive with the children's holiday handmades from school.
5.) Gingerbread village complete with a Chicago apartment building and Anthropologie presents ! 

Happy 7th Birthday Mehdi Ibn Mansur

Mehdi was born two days before Christmas so the hospital was pretty empty as I stumbled down to the NICU to visit him on Christmas Eve.Mehdi was named after Mehdi Ibn Mansur a famous Muslim leader who united Baghdad and made it the center of the universe. The famous Mehdi also translated 1001 Arabian nights into Arabic from Farsi :)  I was weak and tried from the c section that I had the day before. I had been to see Mehdi a total of six times because he needed to be fed every four hours.  The twins were with my best friend so Mehdi and I were alone for the most part. Mehdi was my fourth child and my baby boy. There were nurses around, but it was silent and there were only a few very sick babies around. Mehdi had briefly lost oxygen because his blood sugar bottomed out at birth. I had tried hard to get my gestational diabetes stable but Mehdi being born a couple weeks early and weighing almost ten pounds had a little trouble.
He did not look like the small frail babies that were his first roommates, he looked healthy and strong. Mehdi was beautiful and very quiet like small angel as he curled his body up in his isolette and slept. I felt better when I spoke with the other moms whose children all had something very wrong. As Christmas day came and went and Mehdi was released from the NICU I felt lucky. Mehdi and I left his stylized toys for Damen a small boy who almost never had any visitors and was born four months earlier weighing a little over one pound. Mehdi was not planned he was a gift that happened while his father and I were trying to patch up our broken marriage. I guess we should have been careful but we were exhausted from caring for the five month old twins Mohammed and Hamzah and having all sorts of marital problems it just was as it should be.
Mehdi was a quiet baby and almost never cried; he would wake up and stare around the room when he wanted to eat. My good friend immediately named him little Budda. She said he was the closest thing to peace that she had ever experienced.  We brought him home to my best friend’s house the day after Christmas. We introduced him to the twins. He was such a sweet quiet baby and never seemed to mind that his eighteen month old brothers were constantly poking and probing at him.
He would sleep for five hours at a time which is unheard of for a new born. I would have to wake him up to eat which was a joy because the twins were so small that they had to eat almost round the clock. Mehdi was a joy and the easiest baby that I have ever been around. In the middle of the night when the twins were asleep which was almost never I would sit and rock him and things were so peaceful. Time seemed to just stand still! This blog was made to showcase the sorrows of having a child abducted but in the meanwhile it has take a whole different turn , I am pleased with the turn that this blog has taken and wish all my lovely readers out there peace in whatever you endure and a very Happy Holiday season :) In memory of Muharem the holy month of my ancestors I have seen fit to add this lovely photo of the Battle of Karballa from the Iranian Art in Tehran as well as this other lovely of Mehdi Ibn Mansur for the Baghdad Art Center. Long live Iraq and May the Suffering of the Iraqi People end soon ! 

Thursday, December 22

Fly away lil birdies

They are off! What a whirlwind of a morning! Got up at 3 a.m. took the twins to the airport long wait! They were sweet and kissed me goodbye. Mohammed of course does not kiss and refused. I cannot describe the feeling sitting behind the glass with security pass waiting for the 757 to take off; it was the joy that they gave me no trouble and the fear of praying for a safe journey. So I have posted some of the cute moments before takeoff. The feeling a mother has when her little birds fly away is one that I can never describe. Join me tomorrow for Mehdi’s birth story as tomorrow is his seventh birthday or Eid Milad as he would say in Arabic.

Monday, December 19

This is Sunday Morning Stroll

Wow this multi religion thing is great I went over to a Jewish friend’s house for Hanukkah and my Christian side of the family has been a sending the presents so I love it and so are my young folks. Tonight we are going to school lights so be ready for some pretty hip happening photos of our fair city.

So Sunday morning stroll was an awesome cool crisp day in our fair city, it started off with a chat with my favorite exiled son Mehdi from Morocco of course. Through my sorry it is awesome to learn more Arabic from my son who cannot speak English anymore, nothing to make you learn and humble you faster than the will to communicate with your child. Man I love that kid and when he recites the Quran I am so amazed by his perfection. I try to find the Brightside of a really bad situation. After I chatted with my son, I then took a walk to Starbucks with my darling and her almost too small Ugg boots.
The fun part of the day was my trip to Wicker Park on a date with my baby daddy, yea we are still trying to sort things out. A long the way my fickle fink eyes were turned to a cool bike shop with the most amazing bikes. ! These bikes were colorful, hip and utterly awesome. I am also in love with the bike basket which I will be purchasing come Spring Time! Phil the owner or shop keeper was also amazing and to be honest my eyes are usually not so pleased when I see an Anglo man but I must say that he was very hot and very tall. A nice sight for a mommy so all you mommies go buy a bike from Phil this Holiday season. Phil also highly recommended the restaurant that was the last stop on my Sunday morning stroll! Cumin was amazing and as a vegetarian I must say it was the most amazing food this side of Nepal, and I will definitely be going back to the restaurant and the bike shop. So I will be seeing you guys later when I post zoo lights!
Xoxoxoxox, Jen 

Saturday, December 17

Oh the Snow the Snow !

Old Man Winter is finally here and just in time for a white Christmas J He blew through town this morning and Norah and I went out to get a latte take a walk and collect snow in a paper bag so that she could throw it at her brothers. I know I am not around blogging much I miss you guys xoxoxo , Jen
Norah is wearing

Zara Jacket , Tea Collection Sweater leggings , children's place ear muffs , Gap dad's hat, and Bogs

Wednesday, December 7

Hugs and Kisses

I miss you all ! We had an awesome thanksgiving and have been so so busy ! I am such a lucky mama I turned 37 wow can hardly believe how time flies. So not much to update I am sorry I have neglected you all , I noticed on the stats that people still come by so I think all of my lovely readers deserve this small update. I will try to get back on the blogger track and have All in a Day's Thrift and Sunday Morning Stroll !
xoxoxoxo , Love Jen

Saturday, November 12

Little Tomboy Style

I never thought that I would allow my daughter to wear her brother's hand me downs :) Today I purchased her her own boys Marvel sweatshirt not quite the Shiloh Pitt look hence girl's UGGs and Pink stripes on her leggings :) 

Sunday, November 6

This is Sunday Morning Stroll

Playing in the Leaves :) This morning we walked to the market and played in the leaves along the way :) Enjoy 

Sunday, October 30

This is Sunday Morning Stroll We Heart The Windy City !

Halloween Weekend in the Windy City !

A few photos from the lovely people in Chicago on this Halloween Weekend :)