Monday, December 19

This is Sunday Morning Stroll

Wow this multi religion thing is great I went over to a Jewish friend’s house for Hanukkah and my Christian side of the family has been a sending the presents so I love it and so are my young folks. Tonight we are going to school lights so be ready for some pretty hip happening photos of our fair city.

So Sunday morning stroll was an awesome cool crisp day in our fair city, it started off with a chat with my favorite exiled son Mehdi from Morocco of course. Through my sorry it is awesome to learn more Arabic from my son who cannot speak English anymore, nothing to make you learn and humble you faster than the will to communicate with your child. Man I love that kid and when he recites the Quran I am so amazed by his perfection. I try to find the Brightside of a really bad situation. After I chatted with my son, I then took a walk to Starbucks with my darling and her almost too small Ugg boots.
The fun part of the day was my trip to Wicker Park on a date with my baby daddy, yea we are still trying to sort things out. A long the way my fickle fink eyes were turned to a cool bike shop with the most amazing bikes. ! These bikes were colorful, hip and utterly awesome. I am also in love with the bike basket which I will be purchasing come Spring Time! Phil the owner or shop keeper was also amazing and to be honest my eyes are usually not so pleased when I see an Anglo man but I must say that he was very hot and very tall. A nice sight for a mommy so all you mommies go buy a bike from Phil this Holiday season. Phil also highly recommended the restaurant that was the last stop on my Sunday morning stroll! Cumin was amazing and as a vegetarian I must say it was the most amazing food this side of Nepal, and I will definitely be going back to the restaurant and the bike shop. So I will be seeing you guys later when I post zoo lights!
Xoxoxoxox, Jen 

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  1. ooohhh! that bike is so pretty! and i want that basket :)