Thursday, July 21

First Blog Post :) My so called secret journey

This is my secret journey out of my religion and into the world. I have quite literally lost my religion ! This blog will be dedicated to my children , Five years ago my children were taken to Morocco by their Moroccan father. The twins lovely boys of eight were brought back safe and sound and totally brainwashed , the six year old Mehdi another lovely boys remains. I try to keep the faith while keeping my little family happy and healthy. I struggle with the same trials and tribulations as any mom i.e. organic food vs. non organic , clothing , toys and the overall ups and downs of this life. The catch is that I have a secret and not many of my new friends here in Chicago know that I used to be an orthodox Muslim. Today I laugh , cry and love ........... I hope someone reads my blog and finds needed hope and strength ! Now let's have some fun !

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