Thursday, July 28

Gilty as charged !

Thanks to who introduced me to which is more than fab has has some of the best spices around including saffron which I love for kebabs , rice, pudding and other treats and harissa which is used to make a spicy sauce used in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisa and Libya . Next week is Ramadan so I am planning to showcase some good eats. During Ramadan Muslims must fast from sun up until sun down , refrain from sex, smokes and all other unholy vices. It is pretty hard ! I look forward to sharing some of the images with you all since it is a very special time for Muslims around the world.

$7.95 on the Gilt site a real steal since usually this is only to be gathered in the motherland !

Also $7.95 from the Gilt site :) yum yum

A beautiful picture from the 1001 Arabian Nights :) a book I love :)

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