Friday, July 29

A Poet and She Did not Even Know It !

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite up and coming little ladies !

This little lady writes some of the coolest poems ! She is going into the eleventh grade and is an honor student and I am so proud of all of her accomplishments. She is also a world traveler as she has been to Tunisa, France, Abu Dhabi and a few more......... Below is a copy of one of her recent poems.

I know the feeling of tired .........

The feeling takes over anything and everything.

Take my hand and I can show you the wonderful things

Outside of this crummy town.

We can visit the cozy, courtyards in Cambridge, England,

Take pictures in front of the towers in Tokoyo,

Play around in the Eiffel Tower in Paris;

And when we get tired,

You can hold my hand

As we say our vows in Vancouver.

With the world,

As big as our minds, hearts, and souls

Then our possibilites are endless.

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Her work just makes me happy :) She is a childhood friend's oldest daughter and my oh my has she done a good job !

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