Sunday, July 31

Bliss Morning

I wanted to share a bit of our wonderful morning , this morning Yas came home and said let's go on a breakfast picnic . So I made french toast , boiled eggs , fruit salad and we stopped off at Peet's coffee for some coffee and Trader Joes' for orange juice . The kids desperately want a dog , but we live in a two bedroom walk up so having a dog especially in the Winter time is an impossible task. So Yas took us to the dog beach so we could borrow other people's dogs ! It was fantastic a must go if you have a family dog or just want to borrow someone else's dog. Norah was in love and she did the cutest thing she had me make a sling for her bitty twins and the little mama carried them on her for a couple of hours. I loved that as I always wore her around and I think that learning to be a mommy who loves and provides nurture is one of those life skills that we all need to have. SO much of how we are with our kids is how much we were nurtured as children.

My little mama :)
My favorite part of the morning was when Yas was giving Norah a do not be afraid ! Right here is a pep talk which I caught off my i phone :) Gotta love Instagram ! She was afraid of some of the dogs and would cry so he would gently encourage her to branch out . I love watching them !

So as horrible of a night as I had the next morning brought bliss and happiness , life is just like that sometimes :)
Peace have a Bliss day ! Jen xoxoxo

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