Saturday, February 18

Target is in our Minds and We are Under Control

I was not shocked to read the recent Jezebel article on Target! Yes sometimes there is a product I want for example squeezable apple sauce and Aunt Annie’s organic ravioli. I recall thinking of how I wish Target would carry this and low and behold as if the Red Target had a mini transponder in my brain reading my thoughts those two items appeared in the snack lane. The one right by the children’s clothes and they were a whole dollar bill cheaper than whole foods. Then of course there was Marc Jacobs’s looking boots and Harajuku mini and now Jason Wu! A step further my local Target donates to my local salvation army so this seems to follow me on over to thrift where I always find what I am looking for including Norah life size Disney Princess paper dolls which had four princesses instead of two in the salvage box and were five bucks instead of twenty. I have so passed by those a dozen times and thought oh but twenty bucks she will tear them up in no time. Then like magic in thrift so my question is do they read my mind to decide what to donate or do freaks who want the same thing as me just return everything  ? A further example is the sheer number of donated size 11 shoes I find on thrift from Target hello have you ever looked for that size? And then 10 or so pair all wedges and flats! As anyone else had this happen is there a secret matrix controlling our brains ? 

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