Saturday, September 17

Playdate Bliss or No Bliss ? Overbearing Crazy Creepy Mama !

So this morning the twins has their first official play date in almost three years. Once they arrived from Morocco the moms of Norah's friends were eager to get them in the loop with their older sons. Did not work out so well the communication barrier was horrid and no one ever called back. It was rejection , the boys never knew but I knew and I wanted to shelter them from that rejection so if the kids were not bigger brats than them they did not go simple. I also got them involved in baseball so they learned some comradery from the team. Also I am not native to Chicago so anyone reading this from home and saying bless your heart trust me you would not have invited them back wither and you would still be blessing my heart behind my back. People from the North are very straight forward which I kinda dig ! So back to this morning we headed out stopped at the market for Krispy Kremes not fresh at all ! I knew we could tell a great story of how my mom always takes them and buys them hot ones or how I used to get to go in the Middle of the night and get them with my grandparents. I picked up some Organic Apple juice , just to care about health a bit and packed it in my favorite picnic basket and across town we sailed in the big as a whale red Volvo ! We discussed the ground rules the wanna be Bill Gates Hamzah would not dare ask for video games , Mohammed would be content to build legos or dram pictures but Not tech geek ! They would clean their messes and make sure they said please and thank you and addressed the mom with Miss so and so ! The addresses adults by the first name in a long time pet peeve of mine and despite not being a part of yank culture it is mine ! We arrived at the play date five minutes late and the host was happy to see my masters. Then they headed in his beautiful home we were greeted with some of the host's fab art work made from recycled stuff , oh yea kid I already adore you . I really have to work on my crazy not everyone can deal with my crazy and I may seem like a flake or very over protective. The neighborhood must be pretty darn safe because a three year old wandered over from the back yard next door and the hostess said she can let the boys walk to the corner store. I would die for that security truly. So the playdate went well and we said our goodbyes after a couple of hours. I likely talked way to much by I liked the Mom , she is not a hippie like me but she reached out to me and my boys and I am so thankful to her for that chance. The boys will be making thank you notes on cute up pieces of paper bag for their friend and giving him a sticker or something. Are any of you anxious about play dates ? Worried your kids will be rejected ? Or I am just the only loon out there ! I am not one of those hipister moms obsessed with pushing my own values on my kids by the way I just want them to be polite and have social skills. Is that so much to ask ?

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