Wednesday, September 7

All in a day's Thrift

There is a whole bunch of second hand and thrift stores by my kid's schools so today instead of heading back home I hung out on a treasure hunt ! And boy oh boy would you look at my detecto 1950s hamper which is selling for about a 100 bucks on Etsy and E bay plus shipping ! I was in search of the perfect retro toy box for Norah's room and yes indeedy this one is my sweetie. I paid a whopping $2.80 cents for this gem. I want a globe so so bad I mean I really want a globe I saw some at a second hand for twenty and thirty bucks which I am not about to accept ! So this was my day ! So I think we will make Wednesday thrift day and call it all in a day's thrift just like Sunday Stroll ! This Sunday there is a huge Etsy festival the Renegade and I plan to attend ! So this Sunday stroll should be really fun ! XOXOXO , BLISS IS A RETRO Hamper

1 comment:

  1. YAY!!! what a deal!

    and yes! i think that a mix matchy day would be so fun!