Sunday, September 11

Not so Bliss Sunday Morning Stroll !

This Sunday morning stroll is a bit different because I am in the hospital awaiting surgery to have my gall bladder removed. Pain started late last night as I was making cup cakes with my kids. The cup cakes are so cute we used Whole Foods bags as the cup cake holders and made home made icing in vanilla and strawberry flavor . We decorated adorable little faces , peace signs and even an Eiffel tower. So I am doped up on pain meds so I will leave you with the cute pictures of the cup cakes. Please keep my little ones in your thoughts as I am sure that they are worried about mommy . I did do some shopping from my hospital bed I got Norah some adorable little moccasins , a pain of yellow cord Toms and Hamzah a pair of plaid Toms and some flannels . I purchased myself some vintage flares and a new Maxi from American Eagle . When I am feeling better we will look at my purchases from this morning's stroll. I also strolled on over to Finland, the UK and NYC on my blog. I must say reading blogs is very uplifting and takes away the pain from this annoying gall bladder .Have a bliss day ! XOXOXO, I love you all !


  1. praying for your speedy recovery and for your little ones too!

    ps my girls have TOMS as well and we love them!

  2. I am home now ! I have some they are so comfy and such a nice idea ! Thank you for your wishes !