Sunday, September 25

This is Sunday Morning Stroll

The twins wake me up every Sunday morning at 6 a.m., why you ask well they are only allowed to play Wii games on the weekend so let the games begin.  I had decided last week that everyone would be doing Sunday Morning stroll since usually I have one who refuses to go so off we the five of us went. The twins, I, Norah and my trusty sister who wishes not to be a part of this blog all set out for Sunday morning stroll.   We started the stroll down the street from the farmer’s market located in Chicago’s Logan Square. It was raining so I did not cheat a bit by driving to the market. The rain was drizzle so we walked around the two blocks that the market is located on ! Hamzah looks so innocent because he was the ring leader in this scaring of the sister. 

Hamzah spotted a very beautiful Honda passport scooter which I loved so I decided to share it with all of you.

As soon as we rounded the block to the market we were greeted with the colors of fall. Norah was attracted to a beautiful pumpkin and gourd display that include all the colors of fall foliage.  The some fresh flowers filled our eyes and the smell was wonderful.

The first thing that caught my eye is how the industry of farming is a changing I see lot of young hipster type farmers who have left the hustle and bustle and decided to just farm. There was Posh Foods which included some favorite organic British sandwiches and one of the coolest booths that I have ever seen in a farmer’s market. Next there was the Gentleman Farmer who can be found at and believe me he was by far the hottest farmer I have seen in my whole life.  He had some absolutely beautiful kale that I almost bought but I would have had no idea where to start. It was just amazing how so many seem to care about sustaining healthy food that they can share with us city folks when just a decade ago this type of market would likely not exist in the middle of the city. My uncle down in my home is Alabama , had a good size farm so I tasted the sweetness of fresh vegetables, fruits and freshly slaughtered chicken. I would like to thank these farmers for bringing the country to the city each and every Sunday

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