Friday, September 9

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Ok so I had a good cry this morning and then I took the kids to school and on my way home I saw a basement sale ! Well in the neighborhood their school is in that means one thing vintage and still antiques ! So there was are two guys live side by side and they look like they should be on American Pickers I have never seen anything this good on Pickers. The old man was so nice and gave me some awesome deals ! He also gave me a tour of his basement it was the best collection of everything that I have even seen in my life and I have an uncle who flea markets so yea it was cool ! It made my day and he promised to find me a Polaroid land camera when I came back after school.
This was all four dollars ! Can you even believe it ? Ok so the afternoon was even better I took the twins and the old man feel in love so guess what twin Polaroids for twins ! A whole three dollars !
And the fav to add to our pixie collection I am googleing them now trying to find info ! This was a Huge find and I got a star globe ! Wow I spent $18 bucks !

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