Friday, September 16

Hospital Shopping Spree Who says you can not shop on your death bed ?

Ok so I have been M.I.A since surgery I am gonna shoot you a quick post ! I was on pain meds hours after my surgery and UPS has started arriving wow the things I wanted to buy my kids ! I remember buying a couple of things before surgery so that they would remember I thought of them in case I died but my oh my I bought a ton of hoodies , flannels , moccassins and a whole bunch of stuff from tea collection yea PAY PAL ! I am digging my Vintage Style High waist jeans from American Eagle in three shades ! looooooooool . Norah's Minnetonka's quiet cute ! I know Hamzah will want some too but they are for girls ! Here is a couple of the many things I purchased laid up in the hospital bed . In between night night time from the dope !

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