Saturday, September 17

All My Lovin !

Mohammed asked me for a space a studio to paint without the worry of mess so I made him a place out on the fire escape and he is loving it ! We sat out there an hour painting talking and listening to the Beatles on Pandora. Here are a few photos from our evening ! This is " A Fire Breathing Dragon on a Draw Bridge " oil on canvas.
I am thrilled ! Looking forward to a huge vintage flea market tomorrow with Mohammed since no one else was biting on the invite.

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  1. if we lived closer to eachother i would go with you! love vintage flea markets :)

    a twin day sounds so fun!

    to make the chalkboard canvas, buy a canvas from a craft store and paint with chalkboard paint, which you can buy from home depot or lowes, follow the directions on the can of paint! email me if you need further clarification!