Monday, September 19

I am digging it Anthropologie

A trip to Anthropolgie is always mind blowing and inspiring . I can remember my very first trip to what is now my favorite store back in 2000 in San Francisco and I was instantly in love with the charm of the place. I believe I saw the catalog sometime in 1999 , this of course was before vintage was so "cool" , so many of the products back then were very whimsical not unlike today , but they have really perfected their art since their early days and there are so many objects of my desire in that store let me show you a few that I think about long after I exit through the heavy wooden doors.
This vintage green leather couch will be in my dreams tonight.
This heavenly aroma is stuck in my nose I can imagine sitting on the green couch reading a few of these books for the 1,000 time by candlelight.
For those October night trips to Adler Planetarium and to the Art Institute of Chicago I can totally see myself wearing this lovely poncho with my Hunter wellies or My Kenneth Cole wedge boots.
So there ya'll have it up close and in your face. I usually google items that I love and place them in this blog but today I brought you the real dealio according to the i phone and insta of course. All of these items can be found in the Anthropologie store or on their online site.

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