Thursday, July 28

Two Bliss Days ..............

So a couple of nice blissful days in a row :) Started the day with my blissful partner and my lovely little lady at a free concert for kids at Whole Foods , the concert is performed twice weekly by the good folks at Bubbles Academy. The kids really enjoy jamming to catchy little tunes and it is something that I am really going to miss when she starts fun day kindergarden this year. I can not believe that my fifth child is such a little girl. I miss the baby days sometimes but embarking on the new adventure of early childhood for the fifth time is great. I have ballet recitals , reading, school plays and lots to look forward too :) I sure miss the twins but they need this time with their other family so I am just seizing the day and enjoying my daughter and her father :)

Here are a couple of shots of the kiddos jamming out :)

I love this cute dress that I bought at a thrift store it soooooo Mexi Cali looking don't you think ?

Baba snapped this sweet picture of us having some sweet time after we got all dressed up !

The night is young and I have lots of writing to do so have a bliss evening all.............

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