Sunday, July 24

1000 Fireflies

We sure miss Mohammed and Hamzah , but I must admit that Norah and I are having a blast ! One of our goals this summer is to get healthy so we made veggie kabobs today and threw them on the grill 

What we used 
Organic Cherry Tomatos 
Organic Slices of Carrots 
Bamboo skewers 

She looks like a vintage ghost shopping for veggies at my local Polish market , which is close enough to walk and not crowded like our local Whole Foods. My Whole Foods is amazing I mean really amazing , they have a bar , yea you have to get loaded to go in and spend all that cash on food you could get at the Farmer's market. 

Later after enjoying a dinner and me enjoying my new 60 calories latte yes 60  ! This is the greatest milk in the world ! illy is well worth the cash :) We went in search of fire flies it rained so we had no luck so we will google why they are out sometimes and sometimes not out and keep you all posted. 

This is Norah outside in her new night gown that I got at a second hand store for a buck and a bug that her daddy brought her this morning. In the other photo is messing around looking for flies. The fry fly has become a fun tradition in my house as we go get some flies in a starbucks cup they seem the enjoy the straw . It sounds mean and inhumane I know , but then we listen to the fire fly song watch them and then let them go free :) Whole process is about 10 minutes ! 


  1. Greetings One Woman's Struggle
    I just wanted to let you know that I had stopped by for a visit. I found you because of our mutual interest in Morocco on our profiles. I send you sisterly love.
    Best regards, valerie

  2. WOW you r the first I will post a Morocco blog soon :) what is your interest in Morocco ? It is a up and coming country great great ! I may go live there with my bunch as my youngest son is there ! Thank you again for your comment and I look forward to hearing about you and please tell me what you would like to see on the blog :) Recipes , Moroccans anything I will do my best to take care of it again thank u thank u for posting as my very very first non person I know post :) xoxoxo salam Jen