Saturday, July 23

The Incredible Story of the Little Girl that Said YES !

 Mom says No to going to the Park the Little Girls insists that the answer is YES ! She says Yes ! 

Mom says lets go she says no ! Mom says No park if you do not leave your spot and so she gives in and she says YES ! 

Oh yes she can walk ! 

The little girl says Yes it is time to go but mom says No ! 

The little girls says Yes you can use this for  your coffee , Mom says Oh No ! 

The Little Girl says Can I have a treat my shirt says yes , mom says No ! 

No says Mommy  ! Yes says the little Girl this water is good for my body . 

 Yes she says she has a dollar and can now stand in line to buy this water. 
 Oh yes she says she can most definitely eat Jelly Beans ! 
Yes she says she can  pretend to climb a tree in the Middle of the City.

Yes this is the end ! 

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