Saturday, October 29

Just a Few Things !

1.) A very blissful coffee house in Chicago !
2.) Fall in the Mid West Norah is Wearing a Zara Sweater and Little Boat ( Petite Bateau) Skrit
3.) Mohammed walking across the street alone :) Mohammed is wearing gap jeans , gap blazer , tony hawk sneakers and back pack ll bean
4.)Poshy Hamzah wearing Gap Blazer , Abercrombie Kids Shirt and Toms Vegan Classics
5.) Movie night at school 
6.) Moroccan grocery store everything is organic Mehdi is wearing Carters 
7 and 8. ) My posh little orphan wearing Gap kids dress, 77 kids leggings , Thrifted head scarf , Mommy's Tiffany pearls, and Louis Epi Bag 
9.) Hello Kitty Vintage Jumper 

1 comment:

  1. I love instagram, and blog posts that describe a week in photos! Sometimes the images say it all (although I do like your cute captions!)