Wednesday, August 17

5 a.m !

Norah has a new bed time all summer especially since it is Ramadan she has been getting away with going to bed at ten or eleven p.m.. Now that school is going to start in a couple of weeks I feel like it is my parental duty to enforce a eight p.m. bedtime. We have a little deal since she wakes up super early she can stay in her room and play at whatever time she wakes up as long as the sun is up. I heard her about five a.m. and I walked in to her own personal little photo shoot. She informed me that she was making a blog about the Smurfs.

She said that they were having a meeting at the table which came out of a pizza box and that Jokey was playing a joke in these two photos that I have included. I thought that this was creative and cute. There were at least fifty pictures on my phone that she swiped of course ! What cute things they do !

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