Tuesday, August 2

Ods and Ends!


After reading the above article about how a McDonalds' hamburger takes longer than six months to decompose I have decided that there will be no more of the occasional indulging in the Happy Meal ! We may do it once every six months I guess the nostalgia of McDonalds makes me feel as if I should share with my own kids. Despite seeing Super Size and knowing that it is all just clever marketing I still have a mental association of happy with the golden arches ! Great example when the twins came back after being in Morocco for almost three years one of the only English words that they knew was McDonalds where they had dinner at the night before in the airport in Paris. So , in my attempt to make them blissfully happy and comfortable I took them at 3 a.m. when their jet lagged still on Moroccan time woke me up the first morning to the huge McDonalds in downtown Chicago. You would have thought that I took these kids five star dining ! The McDonalds in downtown Chi town has a vintage museum it is really a cool place if you can resit the urge to eat the food. It made them smile and since I could not communicate with them as a mother that smile was worth a million smackers !
Well now a days they tell me that it is bad for your body but if there is a cool toy then they want it !So I have already started thinking about back to school lunches I purchased 5 boxes of horizon milk today :) You know the little milk boxes it was $10 a case so I better stock up since I need 15 a week ! I also got a couple of packs of the honest kids juice pouches I am in love with this juice although it can be pricey . I was thinking about lunchables since Norah inquired if they were good for your body or not ! I said let us look and they are not that great for the body but considerably better than a happy meal. I said why oh why is there not a healthy happy meal that can be store bought with a toy ? I mean an even happier meal with hummus,carrots, a nice tuna sandwich, pizza , the possible combinations are endless. The meal could come with the same toy that is attempting to promote the latest movie or craze or it could come with something even cooler like a vintage style toy ! I just think kids need an even happier meal that is good for their bodies !

So I am cooking sahoor for the 3rd Day of Ramadan ! This is what I cooked Crepes stuffed with Kraft Light Cool Whip . I used the Farmhouse Crepe Mix which was super duper easy and then did a summer fruit garnish of strawberries and blueberries :) The crepes are just chillin until about 4 a.m. central time when we will begin our fast.

I got this image from http://www.surlatable.com/search/searchContainer.jsp?q=crepe%20mix&s=true
I actually got mine at Whole Foods :)

We broke our fast at Sundown with a rice dish called kabsah that is divine ! I was a guest at someone's home and since the Arabian granny speaks little English she was not giving away her secret.

Kabsah looks a little somethin like this. Arab women do not like to be photographed so I borrowed this image from a friend's Face Book page.

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