Thursday, August 11

Fantastic Quiche !

So I have been making themes for dinner it is fun and pretty cute too ! Paris Oh Paris ! My favorite French food is Quiche , actually I am a Native of the Gulf of Mexico Coast so most of our cuisine has a French influence. So first I wanna post a picture of something unique in our local grocers.
Can you even believe this ? It leads to the parking garage and upper areas for eating , we even have dinning along side the Chicago River at our local Whole Foods.

Ok so for the Quiche Ingredients wow ! This makes 2

2 ready made pie crusts try to make your own if you are brave !
1 onion
2 cups of raw Spinach
4-5 mushrooms any kind ones that will spoil soon work !
any veggies squash , whatever will spoil soon
1 cup milk , soy, almond who cares just milk
half stick of butter, vegan butter , whatever
1 pack , or cup , or whatever of any cheese I used some vegan Cheddar on this one !
Spice I will post my favorites here
Meat brown turkey bacon, chicken sausage, pork ,vegan whatever you like !

Love these bought them at Whole Foods for like $10 and they last forever and ever
Heat about 375 degrees I use gas though !
Ok so blend spinach , spices salt if you like I do not , eggs , milk and butter
in a food processor , blender , by hand whatever you have
Then arrange veggies and meat and 3/4 cheese on the bottom of the pan.
Next pour the quiche mix over the top
Add remaining Cheese , note u can use feta or goat all are yum yum !
Bake 30 minutes chill and serve , to store freeze if you like ! I trick my kiddos all the time they think it tastes kinda like pizza and they get lots of veggies.

About 350 calories per serving makes 6 servings per pie.

Finished product !

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