Thursday, August 11

Back Alley Grilling ! Oh Yea

So part of the downside to Big City Life is of course space , I have had to downsize my life so much since moving to Chicago six years ago. Our dream is to buy a city house with three floors , basically a 1900s Victorian , so until then two bedroom small apartment is having to do. I pay more in rent than most pay for the monthly mortgage so this is a small life but it is our life and I am in love with the city and all it has to offer good and bad. My kids have always been disappointed that we could not have a real cook out , so we invented back alley grilling. The city of Chicago said we could have this small grill. We use all natural wood charcoal which takes about 40 minutes to get going with a lot of effort , lots of fanning the fire. But the delicious taste of the food cooked on all natural with no lighter fluid is the best in this world. I do meat, burgers, salmon , I may even try a grilled pizza one day. It is just so much fun that when we get our dream home will we absolutely still use these old fashioned methods for grilling.

We grill out at least once a week and when it is hot that is even better. The sights and smells of the city and all. We laugh and talk and I believe that we are making just as many memories from our back alley grilling at the bottom of our fire escape as other large families have with back yard grilling. Today Norah suggested we do some Smores so I was game and I have to admit it was real fun and she had a ball. I think one of the lessons living in a small space with my children has taught me is that you just make the best with what you have right now and the rest will make life the best. Have a blissful night and sweet dreams.

Vegan marshmallows as other contain gelatin , forbidden for Muslims to eat, organic dark , and the crackers . Healthy twist and sames about 50 or so calories . Roughly 100 calories per Smore now give me some Smore !

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