Thursday, August 25

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Two issues to address here today ! Early Childhood and To Home school or not !
Chicago Public Schools start next week , I have chosen Magnet Schools if you live in the Chicago area you can go here and apply I would love to have the energy and patience to home school , but I just can not be responsible for the complete education of my three children on the level. I trust that well established schools have the resources to educate my children. I am not saying that parents do not have the colossal responsibility of enriching education and adding concepts that we feel are lacking this is what being a parent is all about. I feel that the reading , writing and mathematics are best handled by the experts and I can focus on art , science and the areas that I know best. It is really a partnership between school and parents and the teacher is a guide a helper if you will in the daily education of your child. I had the advantage of being able to send Norah to one of the best pre-schools in the city and I am certainly happy about her jump start on school. I published a link to a Chicago tribune article on her pre school. Pre school was a journey that I started thinking about when Norah was about two years old , I knew I lived in a big city and despite my limited resources I wanted her in a great pre school. Illinois had just implemented the pre school for all program which I can not rave about enough about this program. I also can not rave enough about CPS's English as a second language program which brought Mohammed and Hamzah up to speed in less than a year. I will save that for another post this week. I hear so many negative things about CPS however when Norah was accepted to magnet kindergarten we changed our plans to enroll her in a pricey private school and went with the magnet option. My boys are now set for a top magnet school as well. I am excited , I researched pre-school and got her in the best of the best so I am sure I will not go wrong with my instincts to enroll them in magnet schools. Magnet schools in Chicago is a lot of work I remember driving downtown on the next to the last day of the application deadline and fighting with traffic and parking to get my application into the office of academic enhancement , however the work will be rewarded.

Next on my agenda school fear !

Norah has never been fearful of school knock on wood ! However when the twins returned from Morocco , I enrolled them in kindergarten at my amazing local neighborhood school which we are so sad to say good bye too this year. They would kick and scream , pee in their pants and do just about anything to avoid school. My communication with them was limited so after about a month I threw in the towel and brought them home it was early Winter so they were home until September , they did fine the next year. I have a good friend in another state who has a five almost six year old that is giving her fits about going to school he will force himself to vomit and do just about anything to come home from school. My friend is doing her best to try to make him go to school every day it is a nightmare for her ! Any suggestions on school fear ?

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