Sunday, August 21

More Car Boot and Thrift

Yesterday morning Norah and I started the day at the park across the street, I love to see her smile.

She is addicted to these Gap overalls that I picked up for a buck , all the dresses and junk I buy her and the forces that be say that my daughter is in love with an old pair of overalls. They are as cute as can be on her so if she is happy I am happy right ? I just feel like my little girl is growing to be her on person in a way my control freak nature makes it hard to let go and in another sense I welcome her becoming her. I adore her in every way and she is my best friend in this big ole world.

After the park we went to a couple of car booty sales and to about a mile thrift stores and look what I found ! This dress is amazing and I am a size 14/16 so finding my size vintage can be a real hunt. When I do find my size it is usually something worse than what my great aunt Sadie would wear. I do not think something that would look great with SAS shoes is the vintage look I crave. So here is my dress !

Join me later for Sunday morning stroll we are going to the Lake :) Have a bliss day

xoxoxoxo , Jen

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