Sunday, August 14

Sunday Morning Stroll

I woke up super early like 7 a.m. and the decided to walk to get a coffee and buy some groceries. I needed staples like oatmeal, a few pieces of fruit ,eggs and some peppers since all colors were ninety nine cents a pound. Along the way I met this little guy and I thought share my little five block walk with you guys.Yes this is a bunny in the middle of the city , I guess in the city wild animals have less space so we may see them even more than back home in Alabama.I love these little walks it is an activity that I can do alone or with the man and the kids simply awesome! This little guy also reminds me of one of my favorite books " The Velveteen Rabbit " , by Margery Williams . The first print of this amazing book was first published in 1922 and Wiki had a nice photo of the original book cover which costs $2.25. I think that was a lot of money back then and certainly a great deal more than we pay now for books. The first edition, first printing of this adored children's book sells at auction for as much as $8,000, but it is extremely hard to tell if it is the real thing or not so buyer beware. I think it is a great thing to look for in thrift and vintage shops. The very first print was in London and it had remarkable chromolithographed pictures that were later replaced by less expensive photo- mechanical reprints which was the new standard in all additions of 1922.

I am trying to reduce what we waste so I am in the new habit of not buying more than I can carry home , unless of course I go to Whole Foods and fill my cart with wholesome junk ! So this market has everything from organics to ethnic food and it is special because it is nicer and cleaner than any other market with it's price range in the entire city of Chicago. I mean it I have not seen anything that comes close to this little place.

You can certainly see what I mean right ?

After my shopping trip I came home and put on a big pot of navy beans or loobia as they call it in Morocco. I am not fasting this week because when you have private company you can not fast , but I still have to cook some to have ifthar (break fast ). I sat down and slowly sipped my iced latte and thought of this message that I stumbled upon yesterday.

So glad you stopped by have a happy and blissful day and look around you for inspiration it is always just beyond the iris of your eye , all you have to do is look.

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