Sunday, August 28

Sunday Morning Stroll

This charming little bunny is a piece of graffiti that is painted under a metra train bridge it is just on of the charming elements that makes our neighborhood special and makes for a wonderful stroll.

This bird cage is also a whimsical dream that really makes you think about a little birdy in a cage. I wish I could think of something clever to write about this little bird . Perhaps this is his home and he often flies away to visit the children at the park or at school and then returns to his home on the wall of our city street.

There is a charming old movie cinema about one block from my apartment building. This place is unique because of the array of movies they play which range from old black and whites like the ones in this poster , Rocky Horror and of course classics like Ghostbusters and the Goonies which are usually free or inexpensive. The parking gets rough but I would not have it any other way. Many have asked me why the city when I could raise my kids in Alabama with my family. This stroll is just some of the many reasons why I stay in the city ! I would not trade my small apartment for a huge ranch style house with a yard any day. The city is our play ground and the park across the street has a tree that the twins love to climb. They are missing nothing and gaining everything.

Sunday dress according to my blurring old mirror yes i DO CLEAN IT

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