Wednesday, August 17

Petite BeBe Labor of Love

A few years ago I noticed a large amount of fine french and other beautiful infant wear at the thrift store. I mean beautiful unscathed pieces that have that beautiful softness and feel that French do so well. I started creating layettes and sending them to Morocco , beautiful layettes with a couple of soft onesies , two pieces , sleepers and other pieces of take me home clothing. I took an anatomy class with a friend who is a nurse and works in the NICU at a major hospital here in Chicago , she told me how some little babies just have no one and are born addicted to drugs . It was very emotional for me to hear these stories and recently I decided to create layettes for these babies. I am on my second layette now as it takes about a month to find all the right pieces. I prefer soft French made pieces like Peite Bateau ,Janie and Jack, Feltman brothers and other beautiful layette pieces that are super duper soft. I was very picky with my own babies and I love French baby wear , it is just so soft and baby like. I am very picky about what I take it must be pristine so it takes at least a month to create one layette because it takes a few week day mornings at the thrift stores digging for a couple of hours to find even one or two worthy pieces. I prefer unisex but I will work with both. I am working a little girl layette presently and this morning Norah and I were able to find 6 pieces 2 petite bateau , a Janie and Jack soft sweater and a beautiful French made dress. If you would like to donate send me a comment and we will be in touch.

I have modeled the clothes in Norah's bitty twins so that you can see how small and delicate the clothes are.

If you have ever been a mom you know how incredibly selfish a person has to be abuse drugs while their is a tiny being growing inside of them. As a mother we offer our body as a home and our little ones are honored guest for nine months therefore we must be a good hostess and some people missed the memo on this and could care less. These babies deserve to start life surrounded by softness and this is why I started doing this . I am even hoping to include some soft organic diapers in the new layette and a handmade baby doll . I could go to Wal Mart or Target and buy brand new clothes for all the time that I spend looking for pieces one the mother may try to return them so see can get the money and buy drugs and two I imagine the care that they mommy who first owned these lovely pieces went through to find them in the first place. It is truly a labor of love :)


  1. Hi there! I just came across your blog through a comment on Dear Baby. As a foster mom of a child born into addiction, I can say that your labor of love will certainly be appreciated. Maybe not by the birth mothers but certainly by the family that will end up caring for them.

    Have you been in touch with any area hospitals to try to set up a program for donation? I know that a lot of hospitals have "crack baby" volunteers who come and hold babies and offer comfort to the ones that are suffering through withdrawals. I'm sure they would be more than happy to set up a program for you!

  2. Hi thank you so much for your kind comment. I have been taking the layettes to the hospital where I am PA student, as this is only my 3rd one. I want it to continue to be something kind of personal because it takes a lot of time to find the beautiful soft pieces. I have been lucky enough with my last four children aside from a little bed rest to be able to buy and thrift the same types of stuff that I love and enjoy so much on babies. My wish list is to find someone going to India or the sub continent because they make these awesome one pieces with just ties in the back , my daughter has a stack of these soft light cotton , paper thin wonders. Since you are caring for that little miracle then you know how important comfort is for their little bodies in the beginning.The birth parents usually never care so thank you for taking over. I admire your courage ! Have you read Fosterhood in NYC another amazing blog and and an amazing woman. I start the process to foster infants once I am all done with school my baby is going to kindergarten this year and I miss having a wee one around. Thank you again for your comment xoxoxox , Jen huge hugs and soft sweet songs for your bebe !