Wednesday, August 31

Leaving on that Midnight Train to Paris !

My daughter delights me with the things she comes up with like this subway style train to Paris. I do not have a fancy camera so it is impossible to see the details but a lot of hard work went into this project. She is so cool ! I am so excited the twins come home tomorrow and I can not wait to see how they like their new rooms ! I was suppose to go see the Plain White Tees at noon but I just do not feel like getting Norah and fighting the crowds although there is only one thing to say ! I love you ! We love the Plain White Tees so Much ! The midnight train to Paris will have to suffice as the Summer winds down and fall blows in ! I can not wait to blog the leaves.

Little Nerd Style

petit bateau skirt , old navy tee , and havaianas flip flops all she needs is some cat eye glasses , she dressed herself she is just not real into lace and frills ! I love it

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