Saturday, August 13

A few of My favorite Things :)
I am still kinda rusty with the link thingy ! I guess I should not be lazy and read more about how to link. So I stumbled across a wonderful Blog called Penny Luxe, again I wish I could link you but I am so green at this blogger stuff , if anyone is actually out there reading feel free to post a comment as to how to link because I will do ! So This lovely French child's magazine called Milk , which is a wonderful experience to browse has a link to drum roll Milk Japon. I am in absolute shock and aw , as I love Japan so it was so magical. I found a link to a Japanese kid's brand called Wafflish Waffle , , Ja'tamie I adore this !

This is some of the absolute Ice Candy oh wow would my little girl look spiffy in these ! and socks !

with these lovely shoes from
, , random place I may try to thrift some !

Waffleish Waffle is only sold at one snobby little store in NYC. I got a great light bulb of an idea which may just work. I went through Norah's closet which gave me the gift of three old cardigans and three summer maxis ,I was planning to sell last year's winter to buy her those shoes featured below. The trick is to find some one to seam the two together as that is not my craft. I plan to do this soon and shop tomorrow for cute things to put on the cardigan piece and keep up guys updated ! I am sorry Waffleish Waffle if any of you are reading this and judging by my 50 page views a day it is not likely , the greatest form of flattery is when someone is a copy cat . I do not think I can get sued it is just like getting the look for less or whatever. We shall see hey at least she is in kindergarten so she will not care about wearing my crazy fashions to school.

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