Monday, August 15

May the Force Be With You and You

My boys are obsessed with Star Wars and yes I am aware that it is violent and I should be more responsible , but I love Star Wars. It is total flashback to childhood . I found Star Wars as a way to bond with the twins after they arrived from Morocco. They could not speak English and it was an extremely trying time for us , so the force was with us and it gave us comfort . I found an adorable cafe in our vintage district in Chicago that has a vintage Star Wars theme . They have old nintendo game consoles and ataris that you can play on an old wood grain tv set. They also have pretty awesome coffee and bottled Coca-cola. The birthday party is planned for this place so keeping with the theme I ordered a set of Star Wars vintage men in a case that is as old as I am. I am so excited and to top it off I found a pack of Star Wars pencils at a local super nifty thrift store. Hey have you guys read the Stephen King book needful things ? Have you ever notice when you want something then you go to a thrift store that it is by chance right there ? The Salvation Army in Bucktown has just this feeling that I have been here before. Creepy ........

They are going to love these because there is nothing like the real thing baby ! I am super excited to have this party anyone have any ideas on cool star wars treats ?

On a sour note my oldest son will be 17 tomorrow and we are in a bit of a tiff ! So hopefully he will speak to me again once he gets his birthday cash ! I will be writing his birth story tomorrow and it will be full of drama and suspense like only a teen age backseat pregnancy can provide. I told him on his facebook today that I was in labor forever and a day and there is nothing that will erase that. I try to avoid drama on my blog this is my happy place , my bliss and my escape from the world. I try to scrap the healthy memories of us.

Another very sour gummy bear note the twins on web cam informed me that their stepmother told them that we never really went to the moon. It was filmed in an L.A. studio ...... wooooooooow ! Are f%$king kidding me ? I mean really how can my ex even allow this right ? So they told me that if I do not believe it , that it is just because I can not handle the truth. Wow ........... my ex husband taste in women really amazes me , of course he informed me early on that he wants her soul for Allah so we shall see. Good Luck with that dear ex , you have fun with that . The twins also informed me that Starbucks was going to give me cancer has anyone else heard of this?

I am still just as in love with him today as I was 17 years ago when I first laid my eyes upon him. No matter how big he gets he is still may baby. Sadly we were not so high tech back in the early 90s so I do not have many baby pictures scanned . He was real cute and I am not just saying that because I am his mama ! He is still quite a cutey pie !

I mean can you even believe all these miracles came from me ? Children truly are a blessing no matter how many bumps you encounter it is a road worth the walk.

xoxoxo, Jen

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