Saturday, August 13

An Apple to Google the Teacher Before she gets your Apple !

My three little Apples each for one special teacher , but wait before we give the teacher her apple we have to know if apple worthy ? Yesterday a packet arrived from Norah's school . It was the normal this is your teacher and back to school supplies and an invite to a kindergarten meet and greet. So Yas and I looked for the school's web site , it was down. So he said I have an idea let's google her teacher ! Well I will take it her teacher must be pretty cool since there was no evidence of scandal anywhere on goggle. I am sure if she was a naughty kinder teacher that her name would be defamed on goggle. I THOUGHT , Wow !The world we live in this day and age, for when I was a kid you just waited until the first day of school. That was 1982 now in 2011 you just google the teacher and check her out weeks before school even starts.I wonder what kind of world will exist when my grand children start school in a hopefully at least another ten years. What do ya'll think ?

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