Friday, August 5

The little second your alive !

I believe as we get older I am 36 by the way that we start to pay close attention to the little things in life and begin to put significant value on small joys. This Summer with my daughter has been priceless , I miss the boys something fierce but this time is so sweet. It is the upside to having a large family with divorce involved. I know you are all thinking wow is there such as thing as an upside to divorce. Well yes everyone is happier with the status quo ! I wish I could have made it up with the boy's father , but it just could not. If it did I may never taste the sweet joy of having my sweet girl around to make me laugh and to entertain me daily with silly antics. So in the journey of life we must strive to find joy in sorrow and smile through the tears. This is my motto and I am mighty happy today !
I added this darling picture from last Spring Break while it has nothing to do with my post today it honors my boys !

Lots of Joy and Happiness to you all ! If you are mommies missing your babies or daddies whatever your sorrow smile through the tears.

xoxoxoxo , Jen

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