Wednesday, August 3

Smurfy Movie Review

So we took our little darlin to see the Smurfs , of course the way I prepared her for the event was by allowing her to watch You Tube clips of my Saturday morning nostalgia all week. I knew that Yassine was into the Smurfs I mean they had Smurfs in Morocco and translated into Arabic and French but I had no idea that he was such a fan. I think it is one of the moments in our almost 8 year relationship that we were truly in tune with each other's laughter. The heroine in the Smurfs was a pregnant Etsy collector and painter named Grace married to a top VP of marketing for a major player in the New York fashion world. I wore my I love NY tee shirt as if I knew it would be perfect for the film and low and behold it was perfect. So the Smurfs added so much to the lives of Grace and her Husband and the part so of the movie where they are covered up with vintage pot holders like sleeping bags is a Etsy girl's dream , not to mention the vintage style Nursery that the Smurfs designed for the new addition to the family. There was a laugh for everyone in this film ! Smurfette finally changes her dress , the normal villain and his cat were around it was just all around fun . Norah enjoyed the movie , but not as much as her parents who fed each other popcorn and really enjoyed each other's company.

On a sour note I did not talk to the twins today , they are likely busy with Ramadan :( I did get a sweet email from them telling me what they wanted when they return home :) Have a bliss night all.

xoxoxo Jen

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